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The heart of Solstar’s Student Scheduling System is its ability to generate a Master Schedule. By combining the known quantities of Course offerings, Teacher abilities, Student requests and Class room availability, we are able to quickly and repeatably generate Master Schedules that can handle up to 1500 courses, 500 teachers and 6000 students.

Elementary School Scheduling

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The major advantage of Solstar is that Solstar runs on a personal computer. It is easy to convert files of Socrates to import them into Solstar. Once the data from Socrates is imported into Solstar, the user can run the sectioning many times without going back to the mainframe. Solstar also provides the ability to generate a master schedule, which was not normally a part of Socrates. Instead of waiting for the mainframe to generate the sectioning and the reports, Solstar provides the user with almost instantaneous results. A sectioning run for a school with 2500 students takes approximately 3 minutes to run.

Once the sectioning run is completed to the satisfaction of the school, the data can be exported from the personal computer back to the mainframe. The mainframe can provide WEB ACCESS to the information so that students, parents, and teachers can view the results

Are you using IBM’S Socrates to do student scheduling?

We have a solution that will reduce the time for scheduling and improve results for the users. You can use your mainframe as before. We import the files directly from Socrates and allow the user to generate the master schedule that suits their program. We allow section stacking and multiple teachers. The user can do sectioning in only a few minutes so that the user can make changes and rerun the sectioning without using the mainframe. We provide many reports to assist the user without accessing the mainframe. Some of the reports include: reject student listing with analysis, condensed teacher master schedule, and many more.

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Epic Socrates is a software system developed by IBM in the early 1960′s for operation on the mainframe. Epic Socrates is no longer supported by IBM yet it is still in use by many school districts for scheduling their middle and high schools. It uses the most advanced algorithms for scheduling students to their classes.

Solstar was developed independently but it incorporates many of the features of Epic Socrates. Many of the reports generated by Socrates are a part of Solstar. The file layouts of Socrates are almost identical to Solstar. Most of the reports of Socrates are provided by Solstar. Some of those reports are:

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